A Story of an Unborn baby

In the world of technology, we use this every now and then to get ourselves benefited but we forget sometimes that it may harm us well up to such an extent for which we can’t even imagine. In this world of science and technology, we can achieve whatever we may think. Sometimes these well and advanced medical technologies, qualified doctors & multi-specialty hospitals don’t help many married couples, resulting in them either going for a child adoption from an orphanage or thinking of adopting someone else’s child.  Of course, we human beings have such a great height of development & success and even many of them have tested remarkable success in their life in this machinery world, but The God has not blessed them a “baby”, their own “baby”, but still there are people, who think of not having an extra child if they have any child. Most of them go for abortion and kill an unborn baby.

Today in my blog, I would like to narrate a story about a couple, Sunil & Disha of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, who got married in 2014. The husband was working in a private firm and his wife was a homemaker. Both were from a middle-class families and living normal life. You may be feeling quite emotional for them that God blessed them with two beautiful twin babies after three years of their marriage. The couple was very happy with God’s gift and their family too was very happy and thanking God for this precious gift. We never think of what God has made for us. After 3 years of their twin babies, Disha was pregnant again. But this time Sunil & Disha was not ready for a new baby as they already had twin babies, and both were pretty young to handle. Disha was very much worried, and Sunil was tense about Disha’s health. Even after that, they decided to consult with a doctor to confirm her pregnancy and asked them to get the ultrasound done to check the exact condition of an unborn baby. They went for that and found the baby was growing & fine in her womb. They used to discuss every day, what to do? but God has made up his mind to bless them one more baby. They haven’t talked about this with their families and decided to abort this an unseen baby. Disha was very much emotional during the abortion process and could feel & hear the painful voice of her baby talking to her.

Maa, I am your baby and I love you very much. Your sound was my favorite song, whenever you spoke, I heard, maybe you could not hear me. I felt so nice and warm in your womb. You know Maa I was so happy to see this world but when I heard you and papa discussing with each other and the doctor for aborting me, it made me sad. Trust me Maa, I cried a lot inside. It is very much pain when a needle intrudes my home. I know and understand you can’t stop that doctor to do so because you both don’t want me and are helpless. Don’t worry maa, I am God’s hand now and he is holding me. He told me about abortion. You don’t want me because you have my loving brother & sister with you and papa. You don’t want me because you haven’t told my other family members too. You are avoiding me because I will be a liability to your whole life.

After going through the surgery Disha was in pain for 3-4 days. Sunil was also very sad. They both curse themselves as they have done wrong. Disha and her husband were crying having tears in their eyes asking God to forgive them from the bottom of their soul for this sin they have done.

It was very much painful for me to talk to them. They both told, abortion is cruelty. If you are not prepared to give birth to a baby, never let it happen in the womb. Their story itself gives a lesson to all the parents. I would urge you, don’t let this happen to any child, who has not seen the world yet.

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