A Story of an Unborn baby

In the world of technology, we occasionally use it for our gain, but occasionally we forget that it may also injure us in ways we can’t even begin to conceive. In this age of science and technology, we are capable of achieving anything. Many married couples occasionally find that these highly developed medical technologies, skilled medical personnel, and multi-specialty institutions are ineffective, leading them to consider adopting a child from an orphanage or another couple.  Of course, human beings have reached such great heights of development and success, and many of them have even experienced remarkable success in this mechanical world, but God has not bestowed upon them a “baby,” their own “baby,” and yet there are still those who consider not having another child if they already have one. The majority of them choose abortions and murder unborn children.

Today in my blog, I’d like to tell the tale of Sunil & Disha, a couple from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, who wed in 2014. The lady ran the home, while the husband worked for a private company. They both came from middle-class homes and led regular lives. You might be experiencing a lot of emotion for them because, after three years of marriage, God blessed them with two adorable twins. The couple was overjoyed with God’s gift, and so was their family, who also expressed gratitude to God for this priceless gift. We never consider the creations God made for us. Disha became pregnant again three years after their twin babies were born. However, Sunil and Disha weren’t prepared this time because they already had twins, and both were too young to care for. Disha was quite concerned about her health, and Sunil was also anxious. Even after that, they decided to seek medical advice to confirm her pregnancy and asked them to have an ultrasound performed to determine the exact state of the unborn child. They pursued that and discovered the kid was developing normally in her womb. They used to talk about what to do every day. But God has decided to give them another child. They decided to abort this unborn child without discussing it with their relatives. Disha experienced intense emotions throughout the abortion procedure and could both feel and hear the baby’s pained voice speaking to her.

Maa, I’m your little one and I adore you. When you spoke, your voice was my favorite tune; perhaps you could not hear me. In your womb, I had such a cozy, warm feeling. You know, Maa, when I heard you and Papa talking to each other and the doctor about aborting me, it made me sad. I was so thrilled to see this world. My dear Maa, I sobbed a lot on the inside. When a needle invades my home, it hurts a much. I am aware that you both don’t want me and can do nothing to stop the doctor from doing it. Mama, don’t be alarmed; I am now in God’s grasp, and he is holding me. He informed me of abortion. You don’t want me because you and dad are surrounded by my devoted brother and sister. Because you haven’t informed my other family members, you don’t want me. You are avoiding me because you will be responsible for me for the rest of your life.

Disha experienced pain following the procedure for three to four days. Sunil was feeling depressed as well. Both of them blame themselves for their mistakes. Disha and her husband were sobbing, tears welling in their eyes as they prayed to God to forgive them for their sin.

Speaking with them hurt me a great deal. Both of them stated that abortion is cruel. Never allow a pregnancy to progress if you are not ready to give birth to a child. To all parents, their narrative itself serves as a lesson. Please, I beg you, spare no child who hasn’t yet experienced the world.

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