Crimes Against Women – The Good Time for Women Hasn’t Come Yet

If we go back around 20 years back then violence against women was not considered an issue worthy of international attention or concern. This began to change in the 1980s as women’s groups organized locally and internationally to demand attention to the physical, psychological, and economic abuse of women. Gradually, violence against women has come to be recognized as a legitimate human rights issue and as a significant threat to women’s health and well-being.

We are coming across so many crimes against women every day in our society. Whether it is a small child, teenagers, school-going girls, or of any age, she is facing so many bad things, which none of them want to experience. The crime against women that no one understands. They would be educated, professional women versus a demonstrated liar—a man who had pretended to be a doctor, an employee of a company, even an astronaut—whom a court-appointed psychologist would decide met the legal definition of a “sexually violent predator”, and yet the most remarkable thing about both trials wasn’t the way they exposed the alleged tactics of a serial date rapist. The testimony of the woman wasn’t enough to get a single rape conviction against him. The verdicts in these cases would be far lighter than his accusers sought—and victims’ advocates say the outcome reveals a disturbing truth about the justice system. Nationwide, despite all the legal advances of the past three decades, little has changed for women who report a date rape, because the juries don’t believe date rape exists.”

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