Crimes Against Women – The Good Time for Women Hasn’t Come Yet

When we look back around 20 years, there was no worldwide concern or attention given to violence against women. This started to change in the 1980s as women’s organizations formed locally and globally to bring attention to the economic, psychological, and physical abuse of women. Violence against women has gradually gained acceptance as a serious violation of human rights and a danger to the health and welfare of women.

In our society, there are countless atrocities committed against women every day. No matter their age, whether they are little children, teenagers, schoolgirls, or anyone else, they are all confronting a lot of negative situations that they don’t want to be in. Nobody is aware of this atrocity against women. The most remarkable thing about both trials wasn’t the way they exposed the alleged methods of a serial date rapist rather, it was the fact that they pitted educated, professional women against a man who had proven to be a liar—a man who had pretended to be a doctor, an employee of a company, even an astronaut—and who a court-appointed psychologist would decide met the legal definition of a “sexually violent predator.” The woman’s testimony was insufficient to secure even one rape conviction. Even though the verdicts in these instances would be much less harsh than what his accusers had hoped for, victims’ advocates claim that the decision shows a troubling truth about the justice system. Due to jurors’ lack of belief in date rape, little has changed for women who report a rape nationwide despite all the advancements in the law over the past three decades.

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